Beaver Castor

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Beaver Castor Shipping Directions

When removing castor form the beaver, be sure not to tear it and don’t leave any meat attached. Hang them up to dry for at least a week, with the castors separated so it will all dry. Then freeze them up. Before shipping, hang them up again for another week with a fan on them. Do not ship beaver oil sac glands with castor! When shipping, do not put them in plastic, but since they usually loose some more fluid, the easiest thing is to line the box with is “depends” or diapers so it will wick away more of the liquid without soaking up the box. Remember that castors will still loose more weight during shipping. I usually dry them one more day and then weigh and grade them.

Purchase Original Beaver Skulls

Beavers are known for being ingenious and diligent, despite the fact that they are nocturnal creatures. Known for their huge wood-cutting teeth and mud-working beaver tails, these critters are well-known for constructing amazing beaver dams throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Add beaver skulls to your collection and make people go awestruck with your whole collection. Actual Beaver skulls, as well as Teeth made of real bone, may be used to decorate your taxidermy bone collections besides the beaver pelt or as part of your cabin animal skull décor plan.

This skull will bring a sense of originality and individuality to your arts and crafts creations, infusing them with a natural and earthy feel, as well as a respectful warmth that cannot be replicated by synthetic duplicates. During the cleaning procedure, it is usual for the jaws as well as teeth to detach from the skull; they are subsequently reattached using hot glue to prevent further separation. Those skills are of high collectible quality and are available at a very reasonable price. You can purchase beaver skulls at cascade biological supply at a genuine price.