Perfectly Sculpted Coyote Skulls

Coyote skulls are cleaned, manually sculpted, and polished to offer the best set with no holes or scratches. We have industry experience in procuring and harvesting animal furs, pelts, and skulls, the conventional way through the past thirty years.

We promote a sustainable method to procure and derive raw pelts, fur, and animal skulls. We have partnered with many small harvesters, trappers, and dealers who supply us with the desired raw product, which is cleaned, dried, and then shipped to your doorstep.

To ensure quality and reliability, with due cognizance, we provide you with a perfectly sculpted coyote skull. Carved with precision, we offer a sorted range of skulls that have no marks of holes, scratches, off-colored appearance, and broken areas.

Our product is very authentic with distinctive jaw and oral features (teeth). Embellish your interiors with these real oddities and decorative historical pieces and add on a classic tinge to the space.

Building Relationships: In Collaboration with Fur Harvesters Auction

At Cascade Biological Supply we have been purchasing, selling, and transporting North American Wild Furs across the global demographics. We have developed robust relationships with the Fur Harvesters Auction spaces which help us deliver the right quality of product to you in the United States and other parts of the world.

By delineating your idea of what kind of skin, fur, and pelt you are looking for, we will analyze the grade, size, shape, and texture of Wild Furs and Coyote skull to help you choose the ideal one.