Professionally Procured Deer Hides for Sale

Deer Hides

Deer Hides, as a decorative piece, can be a great way to revamp and accentuate the aura and ambiance of the living spaces. We have built a strong network with independent trappers and wild fur brokers who deliver the raw product which is then polished, cleaned, scraped, and prepared as per your needs and preferences.

Our product delivers a good mushy coverage with a subtle shiny look. You can use these hides as a sofa throw for the living space, rugs, wall hanging, or style it as per your taste.

We procure each hide professionally, with care, and ensure to detect any discoloration, holes, scratches, and stains to confer the very best and high-quality raw products. Based on your choice of size, shape, and color shades with intricate distinctive features, we will help you get the right deer hides at a fairly reasonable rate. Adding to it, you can also spot our centralized warehouses and cold storage spaces where we clean, polish, and dry different grades of pelts, skulls and other accessories for sale.

30 Years of Delivering Top-notch Products Across the Globe

We have served as one of the highly subscribed raw furs and deer hides dealers for the past 30 years and continue to deliver the best quality products across the globe. We have stationed our services on the West Coast of the United States and the associated seaports and links. Moreover, we have also carried out international shipments for our clients across different geographical regions.

Give your home a dash of authenticity and elegance with the pre-nurtured deer hides for the display. Widening the approach, we are actively working in association with the freight forwarders who are efficient in dealing with wild furs, fragile animal hides, and skips any delay induced in the process of shipping products internationally.