Fur Pletes Become a Major Trend in Fashion

Fur pelts have become a major trend in fashion over the past few years. Fur pelts offer a luxurious, stylish, and comfortable look that will turn heads. Whether you are shopping for faux fur or a real fur pleat, plenty of options are available. Whether you are looking for something to keep you warm during the winter months or something to dress up an outfit for a special occasion, fur pleats provide both style and function. With so many different colors and styles available, you can find the perfect fur pleat that fits your needs and preferences.

At Cascade Biological Supply, we offer various tanned fur pelt products for all types of projects. From wolf and weasel furs to cowhide and fox fur plets, our selection will meet your needs. Our tanned fur pelts are perfect for creating wall hangings or rugs that add elegance to any room. With the right care, these products can last a lifetime and provide an excellent way to add character and beauty to any space.

Our tanned pelts offer a unique and luxurious way to decorate any space. We specialize in meticulously treated, maneuvered, and preserved tanned pelts for optimum quality. These fur pelts are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors to suit any desired aesthetic. Not only do our furs look great, but they can also be kept as decorations for years to come due to the careful tanning and preservation process that we use. With our wide selection of fur options, you will surely find the perfect pelt for your home or business.

Our garment quality is one of the best in the market and can be used for stitching fur items like hats, teddy ears, pillows, etc. We offer various Fur plets made from high-quality faux fur with great attention to detail. Our Fur plets are soft to the touch and look natural, making them ideal for any project. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors so you can find what you need for your particular project. Our products have been tested to meet the highest quality and durability standards, making them perfect for any furry item stitching project.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for fur pelt. We offer a wide range of fur pelt that has been tanned manually. Our selection consists of different textures and categories of fur for every kind of use – from clothing to furniture and decoration. We also offer scrap pieces in various sizes, shapes, and colors. All our pelts are professionally tanned and processed with the utmost care to ensure quality and durability. With us, you can be sure you’ll get only the best quality fur pelt available on the market!

Everything You Need To Know about beaver Tails

Beaver Tail is perfect for watch bands, footwear, holsters, sheets, and other small leather goods because of its extraordinary natural properties. Knowing how beaver tail is collected, tanned, priced, sized, and cared for will help you choose the best beaver tail for your project and guarantee that it lasts a long time.

Let’s dig into the history of beaver tails before moving further.

Beaver Tails History

Beavers are humanely and responsibly harvested throughout North America by licensed trappers during a single season regulated by legislation in regions where they create significant ecological concerns.

Due to the harm they inflict on downstream farmers (issues with beaver dams upstream), the bacteria and germs they introduce into fresh water, and the harm they do to tree farms, beavers are regarded as a nuisance species and have a significant negative impact on the environment and the economy. Reducing the beaver population benefits poor rural communities’ citizens economically and increases crop yields, water flow, and quality. It also lessens the tax burden on those residents.

Beaver tails are full of Americana culture and have a lot of historical worth. One of the first hides used in the 1500s to start the fur trade between Native Americans and European sailors was a beaver hide. Beaver tails are no longer a consequence of the fur trade in modern times. Because fur is so inexpensive, trappers are not pursuing it. As a result, there are very few beaver tails available.

Beaver Tail Features

A beaver tail has a distinct, matrix-like pattern of scaling that is naturally water- and scratch-resistant. PanAm prepares and stores seats that measure roughly:

  • 7 to 12 inches long, 8.5 inches on average
  • 3.5 to 5.5 inches wide on average.
  • 1.7-2.1 mm thick in the middle, thinning off near the tail’s tip.
  • PanAm Leathers exclusively grade Beaver tails on the central 8″ x 2.5″ rectangle. The following terms determine the grades:
  • Grade 1: The central rectangle is flawless.
  • One cluster of flaws in the central rectangle for grade 2 
  • Worse than grade 2 in grade 3.
  • Cuts, scratches, scars, and scaling flaws are frequent faults

What are the uses of Beaver Tails?

  • The most typical applications for grade 1 beaver tails are watch bands, shoes, wallets, and accessories for gadgets.
  • Holsters, sheets, card cases, and other small leather items are the most typical uses for grade 2 beaver tails.
  • Grade 3 beaver tail is used for products that don’t need a spotless surface, to give the impression of usage or for craftsmen’s practice.

Final Takeaway

This is all about beaver tails. It has many uses and can help you achieve great results. All you need to care about beaver tails by following caring properties. However, if you’re looking for the best beaver tails to shop, then visit cascade biology supply.

Beaver Pelts For Sale: Everything You Should Know About Beaver Pelts

Beaver pelts have been used extensively in clothing from the dawn of human history because they are regarded for their warmth, lush texture, and durability as a material. Furs have been used to make outerwear such as coats and capes, clothing and shoe lining, a variety of head coverings, and decorative trim and trappings for costume and decoration. In this article, we will tell you about beaver pelts and what are its history. So, let’s get started.

What Were Beaver Pelts Used For?

In the early 1600s, beaver pelt attire became fashionable. People frequently used beaver pelts that still had their fur on them for warmth. The coats served as the interior lining for jackets and capes. To keep their necks and shoulders warm, some individuals stitched them onto the collars of their clothing.

The beaver skin might be used instead if all the fur from the pelts was removed. After the skin underwent treatment, it transformed into beaver felt, a kind of leather. Beaver fur was most frequently used to make caps. Although the hats are worn back then were not particularly common today, they served as a status symbol in the 1600s.

Who can buy beaver pelts?

Since they were so costly, only the wealthiest individuals could afford to wear beaver pelts. In 1660, a hat made of beaver felt would have cost more than $300! At the time, few individuals in Europe could afford to pay that. But now, platforms like cascade biological supply offer beaver pelts for sale at affordable prices.

How Long Are Beaver Pelts Fashionable?

In early 20th-century European fashion, beaver pelts were still widely used. Trappers drove Beavers to extinction in the east, forcing them to migrate ever-greater distances west, first to the Great Lakes region and eventually to the Pacific Ocean coast. Farther north, in Canada and Alaska, fur trapping was also prevalent.


This is all about beaver pelts. We have covered everything from history to why beaver pelts are so expensive. In the early times, it is like a thing for affluent individuals only, but now platforms like cascade biological supply sell high-quality beaver pelts for sale. Depending on your tastes and requirements, you can purchase various raw wild beaver pelts for sale.

Available Mule Deer Antlers for Sale on Cascade Biological Supply

Deer Antlers look so antique and beautiful hanging on your front walls or front door. Antlers are a pure sign of magnificence; in ancient times people used to kill muse for their Antlers and that used to resemble a sign of pride and richness. 

Today also multiple people are still fond of Mule Deer Antlers; they love hanging that thing at their place. But you can’t hunt them directly just for their antlers, so from where you can get that? 

You can easily get Mule Antlers at Cascade Biological Supply; we supply the finest quality Deer Antlers at reasonable rates. Working with 30 years of experience, we give assurance of the best quality and the desired quantity.

Get the Best Mule Deer Antlers at Wholesale Price. 

  • At Cascade Biological Supply, we serve you good quality deer antlers and also aid you in the places where you can buy your desired quantity at reasonable prices.  
  • Get delivery or assistance all over the country.
  • Take your required quantity at the finest quality for personal or for your small deals and businesses. 

Deer Hides

Deer Hides are basically specialized in providing warmth and rawhides can help you in preparing multiple kinds of articles. Deer hides come out to be the best leather after hair elimination. Jackets, gloves, and any kind of sleeping mattress can be prepared with deer hides. 

Deer hunters are very much fond of deer skins, they also showcase that thing in pride for showing off.  But if you want deer hides for your essentials or for your small or big business then we are here for you. 

We are providing you with the best quality deer hides at Cascade Biological Supply. Get each product at reasonable rates for trappers of small businessmen. 

Why do you need Cascade Biological Supply for buying deer hides? 

  • At Cascade Biological Supply, we work on perfection and keep in mind the requirements of our customers. 
  • We have worked as buyers and suppliers for almost 30 years, and we have countless happy small and big clients.
  • We have a vast collection of animal skin products, fur products, and accessories made of deer hides. 

We treat our customers with filtered relationships and 100% assurance. 

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Premium Quality Fur Products At The Best Price

Cascade Biological Supply

The warmth, as well as the comfort which comes from handmade fur items, are unparalleled by anything else. Fur has been used to keep humans warm in colder climates for hundreds of years, and for the past 30 years, inhabitants of Alaska, have relied on Fur as their fur goods maker. With this time-honored material, we are pleased with our ability to transform it into attractive and pleasant items for our consumers.

A whole collection of fur items is available from us, which includes fur mittens, caps, slippers, jackets, neck warmers, earmuffs, and much more. Based on the products you’re searching for, we acquire the furs from the experts, which offers a variety of styles and alternatives. Choose between otter, mink, beaver, and fox, and we’ll take care of everything else! As a fur goods producer, we are happy to have created tens of thousands of bespoke products over our tenure in the business.

Now Easily Buy Fur Products Online.

Fur became a common part of high-end fashion in the twentieth century, as seen by the appearance of Hollywood stars wrapped in exotic pelts. Since then, fur has been sold as a symbol of riches and glamor—something that is both expensive and sought. Fur farming gained in popularity as people got more interested in fur. At the very same time, the animals involved were commodified, which opened the door to harsh treatment and treatment methods. You can buy fur products online from different providers as per your requirement.

Furs from Small Animals

We provide a comprehensive variety of services, including custom design and manufacturing as well as the selling of finished fur goods. Individual tailoring involves the creation of designs that take into consideration the characteristics of the figure, the product category, the size, the variety, the color of fur, and the selection of many other materials. As a result, the company ensures not only that the product is a great fit but also that it is one of a kind. Get the best quality products of furs from small animals.

2 Most Amazing Animal Supplies

Do you also enjoy using animal supplies but for a tight budget cannot be able to get them for yourself? No worries, here is the solution for you to buy pure animal supplies at an inexpensive price. This post is for animal tail keychain lovers. Tail key chains have evolved very popularly over recent years, not just as a means to conserve your keys handy, but again as a clothing or styling accompaniment. All varieties of tanned animal tips can be utilized. The Cascade’s biological supplies typically made their key chains from coyotes, raccoons, foxes, and mink. The rumps in the below information are from ranch-raised foxes and beavers. Read below to know more about them.

How to style a Foxtail keychain

The foxtail key chains are ruling on the top of the sensation list nowadays. Every fashion blogger and Hollywood actress carries one of those as a statement piece. Most of them prefer to hang it on their handbags chain while some of them like to attach it to their house keys and surprisingly both of the techniques look so classy and posh. You can also wear it as a ring, the smooth, shiny, and glossy finish looks so satisfying and it feels so good every time you touch it. You can also gift it to your loved ones or your relatives who love fur key chains.

How to style a Beavertail leather

The cut and moisture resistance component of beavertail leather makes for wonderful shoes, such as cowboy boots. Also, the neat, detailed whole structure can make for a stunning and unusual part of shoes that is extremely different from both cows and snake-founded skins. It looks cool and funky and goes with every outfit you wear. Cascade biological supplies leathers are very durable and last for a long long time without getting destroyed. Style them as you want- you can make a handbag out of it or shoes or wallets whatever you prefer.