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Get The Best Mule Deer Antlers

Antlers emerge from pedicles, which are continuous outgrowths of the skull’s frontal bone, and are protected from the elements by a covering of hairy skin known as velvet while they are growing. Because of an increase in circulating testosterone levels, a shedding of the velvet takes place, revealing the antlers just in time for them to be utilized during the mating season. Antlers develop when testicles are regressing in most species – the Reeves’ muntjac (Muntiacus reevesi) is an exception since it remains fertile during the year while growing and casting antlers in a cyclical pattern. You can easily find the best quality Mule deer antlers at cascade biological supply. You will get the most authentic product at the most affordable prices.

Looking For Whitetail Deer Antlers?

When it comes to developing tissues, the antlers of such a buck have the quickest rate of growth in the world! When antlers are shed, new antlers sprout almost instantly and can develop beyond an inch each day! A consequence of antler growth is that bucks experience a transitory kind of osteoporosis, in which calcium, as well as phosphorus, are taken from their bones and used to build antlers. If you are planning to add Whitetail deer antlers to your collection, then you must consider cascade biological supply.

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