Tanned Fur for Sale

There are multi-hued ways to revamp an interior space. Be it through installing new furniture or adding accessories to the living space, or following an orderly theme to keep things in uniformity. Tanned furs have been one such element that has been included to embellish the interiors.

The tanned fur for sale, before reaching out to the customers is thoroughly treated, dried, and polished to escalate its quality. Some dealers will offer you an assemblage of curated furs at a reasonable price.

You can select from an astounding assortment of preserved animal skins and use them to:

  1. Drape over furniture.
  2. Hang as torans or hangings on the wall.
  3. Use it as a rug to add on a classy tinge to your living room.
  4. Embellish spaces with large gatherings like restaurants, cafes, camps, etc.
  5. Stitch in soft toys and teddy as the fabric material is soft and velvety.

Tanned furs can be a centerpiece for attracting guests to your home decor as well. Since these furs are tanned with precision, you can store them for a longer duration. Do ensure to check the quality of the fur, it must feel like a supple leather-like fabric that is polished and tanned with perfection.

Small Animal Furs

There is an enormous collection of small animal furs available in the global marketplace. Small animal furs are versatile and fragile in quality. These animal furs can be sold raw, to the customer or the home tanners or quivers or listed on the online forum to keep it open for sales.

The assortment of small animal hides includes the preserved furs of the following animals:

  1. Raccoon
  2. Muskrat
  3. Beaver
  4. Coyote
  5. Badger
  6. Fisher
  7. Opossum
  8. Ranch Mink
  9. Grey Fox
  10. Red Fox
  11. Skunk
  12. Otter
  13. Otter
  14. Ermine
  15. Bobcat
  16. Ringtail
  17. Silver Fox
  18. Mutation Fox
  19. Chinese Weasel
  20. Rabbits

And much more curated for your needs within a global setup. These professionally procured and tanned pieces of garments are highly durable and not so susceptible to climatic changes. Since smaller pieces of garments are more pliable, you can also use them for stitching and revamping indoor spaces.