Tanned Fur and Hide

I always keep an ever-changing inventory of tanned furs of all types, from Wolves to Weasels.
All the skins are commercially tanned and I sell about any quality you may need as well as fur scrap.
We broker all of the fur that we carry. Contact us for pricing.

Tanned wild fur is a preserved version of animal skin used for decor and draping of furniture. The tanned furs also look great as wall hangings and rugs. At Cascade Biological Supply, we offer an assortment of tanned fur for sale of high quality and finesse.

These tanned pelts for sale are meticulously tanned, maneuvered, and preserved for embellishing spaces. Our specialized tanned fur can be kept as a decorative piece in offices, stores, lodges, hotels, homes, camps, outdoor spaces, and restaurants. We profusely tan the garment to develop a supple and smooth leather texture.

Our garment quality is one of the best in the market which can be used in stitching furry items like hats, teddy ears, pillows, etc. We confer a vivid variety of tanned furs starting from Wolves to Weasels. All the animal skins are tanned manually. Whether you are looking for fur scrap or for different textures and categories of fur, we offer them all.

For further details contact us at the number provided in the web portal.

  • Raccoon
  • Muskrat
  • Beaver
  • Coyote
  • Badger
  • Fisher
  • Opossum
  • Ranch Mink
  • Grey Fox
  • Red Fox
  • Skunk
  • Otter

  • Otter
  • Ermine
  • Bobcat
  • Ringtail
  • Silver Fox
  • Mutation Fox
  • Bear

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