Credible Wild Fur Supplier

Cascade Biological Supply is a culminating wild fur supplier in the global market. We offer a huge assemblage of animal skins tanned with precision. Our wild furs are best suited for adorning your homes, office spaces, restaurants, hotels, lodges, cabinets, dining hall, outdoor theme-based decor, etc.

We professionally fabricate the garments and tan them to the utmost perfection. Through the process of garment tanning, we soften the leather to derive a smooth and shiny texture. You can also instill our wild fur supplies as a wall hanging or to drape your home furniture, a personalized way.

Curated Collection of Wild Furs

Starting from Beaver to Skunk, we confer high-quality wild fur products as per your expectation and requirements. We commercially tan the wild furs and preserve them for sale. You can also purchase the fur scrap or fur of any length or quality at Cascade Biological Supply.

  1. Raccoon
  2. Muskrat
  3. Beaver
  4. Coyote
  5. Badger
  6. Fisher
  7. Opossum
  8. Ranch Mink
  9. Grey Fox
  10. Red Fox
  11. Skunk
  12. Otter
  13. Otter
  14. Ermine
  15. Bobcat
  16. Ringtail
  17. Silver Fox
  18. Mutation Fox
  19. Bear

You can buy fur products online through our official website. The pricing and product specifications are available in the product description. For further queries, reach us through the contact provided.